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Re: Can't open a certain game

Posted by Tarbolde on .
From the Snes9x readme:

"If Snes9x just displays a black screen for over 10 seconds after you've loaded a ROM image, then someone has edited the Nintendo ROM information area inside the ROM image and Snes9x can't work out what format the ROM image is in."

The rom will work if you run Snes9x > Emulation > Settings > tick 'Custom ROM Open Dialog' > OK.
Now go to File > Load Game, set the Memory Type dropdown to 'Force HiROM' and then open the rom.

A less tedious solution would be to download a rom that works out of the box, for example:

Or you could try using a different emulator.

In reply to: Can't open a certain game posted by brown9921 on .
I was trying to open the SNES version of Super Baseball 2020 and it won't start up...the screen stays all black...I really enjoyed this game as a kid...any way this can be fixed? Thanks