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Re: What will happen upon your death Vimm?

Posted by Vimm on .
Perhaps I'll will Vimm's Lair to my cat. He does a great job maintaining the servers and has considered dipping his tail into programming.

Seriously though, Vimm's Lair is self sustaining so other than hard drives wearing out, it's easy to maintain. I've often left for weeks and nobody notices. Adding content takes time though, so to be truly self-sustaining I could embrace the wiki concept and let people upload their own games and screen shots. That'd be ripe for abuse though and would require heavy policing. In the meantime I think I have the largest US PS2 collection on the web. I really should advertise more.

In reply to: Re: What will happen upon your death Vimm? posted by Tricob on .
Given the circumstances after Prince's death, I have to admit that's a very legitimate question. :-(

- Tricob.