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Posted by Vimm on .
Welcome back! I heard about the Metroid 2 remake and it's sad, but not surprising, that Nintendo shot it down. It took years to let a second party touch their IP, much less an uncontrolled third party. Sega doesn't have quite the empire Nintendo does so they're probably happy just to be noticed.

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Accidentally posted this in the Misc. Board...Surprised that I remembered my login. I see alot of the old regulars are still around. How goes things? It's neat to see that this old hangout is still online. Pretty cool in my opinion.

In gaming related news, the AM2R Metroid 2 remake was released a while back. Nintendo quickly fired at them with a DMCA takedown notice, but the game is still easily available through various channels. The game just exudes quality. A must play for anyone who enjoyed Metroid 2 or the Metroid in general.

Honestly Nintendo dropped the ball by not endorsing this project. Sega embraces the fan community and supports various fan projects. Again proving the old adage true.."Sega does what Nintendon't"

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