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Thank you!

Posted by Vimm on .
Thanks for your kindness, I truly appreciate it. You got me thinking about translations so I poked around and discovered full translations of Front Mission 2 and Langrisser 4 for the PS1. I've added them to The Vault of course, and I'm playing them now as the trick-or-treaters roll through.

In reply to: Just a quick thank you.. posted by opiate taylor on .
I just registered so I could post this. I want to tell you thank you, Vimm. I have been visiting your site since late '98. Hard to believe you're still here! Not only that, but you have never subjected your visitors to pop-ups or forced them to scroll through dozens of banner ads. Back in the day when I found this site, I really thought it was too good to be true. You had Dragon Quest 6 for god's sake. No one else did. Anyway, thank you for everything, and here's to another 16 years.

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