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Re: GameCube scrubbing problems + missing game

Posted by Vimm on .
All fixed! All four games are verified clean copies according to redump. I meant to say redump before instead of no-intro. Oddly, Pac-Man vs. is so small (and thus is mostly garbage) that it grows larger when zipped, so I zipped it with no compression.

In reply to: Re: GameCube scrubbing problems + missing game posted by Vimm on .
Yeah, the scrubbing does seem a bit flawed. I hate to bloat downloads with garbage data but there doesn't seem to be a perfect scrubbing tool. Ideally I'd like to switch to full copies verified by no-intro, then someday if someone makes a proper scrubber I could offer both versions. The majority of scrubbed games seem to work though, so do let me know when you find problems and I'll hunt down a no-intro verified copy.

I'll check out Need for Speed Underground. It should be around here somewhere.