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Re: GameCube scrubbing problems + missing game

Posted by twilightslick on .
Okay thanks!

BTW there is the CISO format, which is similar to scrubbing but is more reliable due to it preserving the file structure of the disc. It may scrub less, but it still reduces the file sizes quite a bit.

The latest versions of Nintendont (from v. 4.428 onward) support it. From prior testing, Dolphin does too. This can be done with WIT (Wiimms ISO Tool)

In reply to: GameCube scrubbing problems + missing game posted by twilightslick on .
I notice that your GameCube ISOs are scrubbed. This may save space on file sizes, but there are a few problems that I've noticed.

-Simpsons Hit and Run has the FMVs deleted in the scrub process, not a deal breaker but still pretty obvious.
-Pac-Man Vs., running on original hardware through USB loader, will crash when the GBA is connected. I think the same will happen on Dolphin if GBA link emulation is turned on.
-I've experienced other crashes with your ISOs on original hardware, not sure about Dolphin because my computer can barely run it lol. I remember Eternal Darkness crashing on Chapter 1 when I was trying to solve a puzzle, or maybe that was the sanity meter's business? Wasn't sure if it was your ISO, but I think it was.

As for the missing game, Need for Speed Underground (GCN) has an entry in the list, but there's no ISO.

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