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Finishing the PS2 Vault

Posted by twilightslick on .
Yo, Vimm, thanks for uploading the PS2 set! I can't wait for it to get finished so we can start the Wii set.

There's still a few things missing, however. And also a few errors in the game list.

Most of the games that have no listing yet have ISOs on Redump, but there are a few ones that need mentioned:

-Aliens in the Attic - Only released in Europe (US version is on Wii)
-Burnout Anthology - Box set containing Burnout 3, Burnout Dominator and Burnout Revenge, there's a few of these in the game list. You don't need ISOs for these as you already have them.
-Call of Duty Legacy - box set
-Crash Bandicoot Action Pack - box set
-Devil May Cry 5th Anniversary Collection - box set
-Dragon Ball Z Trilogy - box set
-ESA Foundation Compilation Set - box set
-FIFA 13 - not on Redump, not released in the US (From what I've seen, an NTSC-UC version exists, but was only released in Mexico and Latin America. Same with FIFA 14.)
-Grand Theft Auto Double Pack, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories / Vice City Stories, and Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - all box sets
-Guitar Hero & Guitar Hero 2 Dual Pack - yet another box set
-Harry Potter Collection - box set again
-Hitman Trilogy - box set
-Jelly Belly: Ballistic Beans - only released in Europe (I think the US PS2 release was cancelled) US release on Wii and DS
-MAXim - unlicensed chat application, not on Redump, probably shouldn't be in here if Action Replay/GameShark/Code Breaker aren't in here
-Medal of Honor Collection - box set
-Namco Classic Fighter Collection - box set
-Naruto Ultimate Collection - box set
-Need for Speed: Collector's Series - box set
-Onimusha Essentials - box set
-Pac-Man Power Pack - box set
-Resident Evil: The Essentials - box set
-Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction - I've never seen a US copy of this game anywhere. Redump hasn't either. I think this was only released in Europe.
-SpongeBob: Happy Squared Pack - BOX SET
-Virtual Pool: Tournament Edition - PS2 version was cancelled, only released on Xbox and PC
-WWE SmackDown vs. Raw: Superstar Series - box set, again
-Yamaha Supercross - not on Redump, never seen a PS2 copy from the US (US got this game on Wii)

That's it for those. Most of these are box sets that are just rereleases of two or more games that are already in the Vault.

Re: Finishing the PS2 Vault
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