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Posted by Vimm on .
The original board recycled posts so if someone were to spam 1000 posts they would effectively wipe the board. I made the first post here on 7/29/2005, so that would've been at least twelve years ago. One of these days I need to make proper page links so you can browse beyond page ten. Eh, it's only been twelve years...

In reply to: Re: Vimm, a question about old message board posts posted by Tricob on .
Some years back (Eight, maybe?), the message boards of Vimm's Lair suffered some sort of technical issue I can't remember the details of (Is it still detailed in past News posts by Vimm?). But because of that technical mishap, the message boards were wiped clean twice in less than two weeks (It might've even been one week, but don't quote me on that). Unless Vimm or someone else backed up the messages before then, I'm pretty sure Vimm can't regain the message board text beyond a certain date. :-(

- Tricob.