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Re: GameCube scrubbing problems + missing game

Posted by Vimm on .
Thanks for the tip. It's clear the scrubbing tools I used were faulty so I'm building a redump GameCube collection and using WIT to scrub them. WIT seems to work well, for example it doesn't erase the Simpsons FMVs. I'm keeping the redump versions also to be safe. So far I've processed the first two letters and am now halfway through the B's.

Fow Wii games I'm favoring wbfs files. It seems to have the widest support and my only complaint is that it's limited to 4GB. Storing them as 7z files with LZMA2 squeezes a few extra MB out. I've avoided LZMA2 in the past since it's so new but I think it's time to give it a shot. Redump doesn't have Wii yet and I've found few sites with a decent library, so it's moving slowly.

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Okay thanks!

BTW there is the CISO format, which is similar to scrubbing but is more reliable due to it preserving the file structure of the disc. It may scrub less, but it still reduces the file sizes quite a bit.

The latest versions of Nintendont (from v. 4.428 onward) support it. From prior testing, Dolphin does too. This can be done with WIT (Wiimms ISO Tool)

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