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Re: ISO Available?

Posted by Tricob on .
A Japanese-to-English patched game is probably the closest you'll get. That's been the case for Japan-only releases on the NES and SNES. Sadly, that also means Japan-only releases with no Japanese text will ever appear in the Vault, such as Dig Dug for the Famicom.

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In reply to: ISO Available? posted by Cagan on .
I've used Vimm's alot over the years, but never bothered to check if regions other then NTSC were available, this is central to what I have here today. I have this Japanese Playstation 2 Visual Novel, "Kashimashi", and it's pretty uncommon on the internet, I can't find a digital copy anywhere. Even though the disc is somewhat common. So what I'm asking is, does Vimm take imports, and would this be important to cataloging the PS2's extensive library?

A pic of the game:

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