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News: December 12, 2017

Posted by Vimm on .
The SNES Vault was built long ago using GoodSNES to verify its games. Over the past fifteen-odd years new games have been verified, some unverified, and unreleased prototypes have appeared. It seemed like the SNES Vault could use a refresh so No-Intro was selected to update it. A scan of No-Intro revealed several new prototypes plus a couple duplicate or mislabeled games. A screen shot here or there was fixed, and the once controversial Vimm's Lair headers have been erased. Since a game may have multiple releases, the version number will now be shown if there's more than one known release.

The SNES Vault now contains the latest release of every US game as verified by No-Intro, plus every known fully-playable US prototype.

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