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Re: 32x Manual?

Posted by DeathCookie on .
As of now, it seems that only games that are currently in the vault can have manuals uploaded for them, and as for the 32X and it's games being added: it's definitely possible, but in the end is up to Vimm and anyone else possibly in charge of the vault, you could post it in the request board.

If the 32X is added to the Lair/Vault, then i guarantee you'll be able to submit any manuals from 32X games.

In reply to: 32x Manual? posted by unoriginal on .
Although it's not mine, I still want to contribute to the Manual Project, as I appreciate what it is trying to accomplish. I found the US manual of Knuckles' Chaotix, and I was wondering if I could upload. As a side note, will 32x games ever become downloadable on this site?