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Re: Any alternative to web download?

Posted by Kerr on .
Hi Vimm, Thanks for the reply!
1. Makes sense, Thank you for the clarification
2. I can see why you wouldn't. Thank you though!
3. Makes sense. I'll Limit myself to Titles I actually select and download manually then. I'll also pay attention to speeds and aim for off-peak hours if they exist.

4. Thank you for the work you do!

I used to have an extensive SNES and Gamecube collection - Most of those discs or cartridges have been destroyed over the years and are uneconomic (Some titles over $100 used?!) to replace. Your site has let me play these games again and for that - thank you so much!

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Thanks for visiting Vimm's Lair. I appreciate your honesty so let me return the favor.

1. I tried torrents long ago but nobody seeded. A torrent with one seed is simply an overcomplicated direct download. I also update The Vault regularly but once a torrent's released it can't be changed.

2. I've gotten that request a bunch lately. I'm not getting into that business.

3. Please don't do that. My bandwidth is limited and divided equally among everyone downloading. If everyone used a harvester there'd be little bandwidth left for real people who just want to play a nostalgic game.

I've been working to add more capacity but lately each time I do it's filled within weeks. It's a happy problem to have. I have more RAM arriving today which should make downloads start quickly again, and an SSD I added last month is working awesome so I could use some more. I'm also considering adding a second line and server.

So as you see there's plenty still to do, but ultimately this site is about nostalgia so if you're simply looking to amass a hoard of games there's other sites for that.