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Re: Mame?

Posted by bunkeyscow on .
there is a private torrent site that uses torrents has the up to date mame set plus others but you have to keep 1 to 1 ratio,

In reply to: Mame? posted by Joking_Oregon1 on .
Im trying to find some good classic arcade games , I know it's harder to add whole arcade games , but im trying to find trust worthy arcade games for Mame , I want to load them onto a Raspberry pi and play all the classic arcade games my dad used to played with him. For example Pac-man , Frogger , Galaga , Cybeerball , Yar's revenge , Donkey Kong , etc
This is my number 1 site for roms that I trust more than any other especially now that if this weren't the option I would have to dig through awful scam sites like CoolRoms that give you Adware. I hope this request isn't too crazy , if it is sorry , Thank you.