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Posted by Tricob on .

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Ye of little faith. ...or too much faith? I'm not sure which to use in this case but I honestly have to say I can't stomach Jimmy Fallon (sp?). Conan may have had a lot of lame jokes, but he knew they were lame and didn't expect a huge laugh out of them.. maybe that's why I found it funny. He also gained some respect from me over the years in interviews I've seen with him. He is a bit.. or way over the top, and definitely childish.. But I've grown to like him over the years.

Watching Jimmy Fallon is ... painful. I watched with high hopes actually, to give the new host a fair chance at winning my heart, I gave him a couple weeks to get somewhere... and it's still as painful as the first episode. He can't keep a straight face, can't stay in character at all, and he gets extremely nervous every time one of this jokes (all of them) fail.

Maybe It's just me... I can't watch him.. on the bright side, I'm going to bed earlier than I have in a long time.