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The Munchables (Wii)

Posted by McDoodle275 on .
System: Wii

I've been trying to find a ROM for this Wii game I used to play as a child, and have wanted to play it via dolphin for a while now. Yes, there are other sites that may have a ROM for it, but here's the thing; those sites may or may not have tons of viruses, and I don't want to get my computer a risk for a virus or worse, a trojan. The game is super underrated, and I'm not sure why most people don't talk about this game. Either way, it'd be a pleasure if someone could add this to the massive collection of these games! Even if it can't be put on the site, I'm still grateful of the other ROMs this site has. If it actually does get added, I will be forever grateful. Thanks again!

"Y'know, it's actually not that bad."