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Re: can't remember name of game!

Posted by DerpySnake on .
Try checking Reddit and going to r/tipofmyjoystick, they can probably help you out more than we can.

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In reply to: can't remember name of game! posted by Helena on .
Hello! I want to play a game on my nintedo ds that a friend of mine used to have, but can't find its name.. Here's a short description of it:
In this game you played as a little girl, who lived with her mom and dad. I think a little later in the game you got a puppy as a gift, which you could take for walks etc.. Also, you had the option to go to school but it wouldn't actually let you go, it just showed some kind of montage every time you clicked that option. I'm pretty sure you could also change outfits each day? The game also had some kind of a pixilated/japanese style if that helps. That's all I remember and this probably came out around 2000-2009. Thanks in advance!!