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Pokémon Crystal (3DS Virtual Console Version)

Posted by FamilyGuy0395 on .
System: Game Boy Color

I already have the original GBC ROM for Pokémon Crystal, but I would LOVE the ROM for the 3DS Virtual Console version of this game, as it allows players to obtain the GS Ball after entering the Hall of Fame!

For the record, I own Pokémon Crystal on the 3DS (as well as Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, & Silver). The reason I'm clarifying this is because of the message above that reads "We'll only help find ROMs for systems that are no longer in production, so if it's still being made please don't ask for the ROM, go buy it!".

The reason I want this ROM separately (although I could just play it on my 3DS) is that I'd prefer to play it on my preferred emulator, as well as easily open up the save file with PKHeX.