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Re: Download Speeds

Posted by phayon959 on .
So the dolphin wiki for Pandora's Tower shows it as "Playable" meaning that it should have only minor bugs and glitches. It shouldn't really be struggling to emulate the game so maybe this is a hardware issue? Does your machine have the specs to run Wii emulation? Dolphin is fairly processor heavy.

As to the Xenoblade issue, I was able to download it myself a little while ago and it seems to run alright. Some slowdown and graphical glitches (save file image and all that stuff) but from what I saw that's about how it should be.

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and thats fine...but after 6 hours of downloading arc rise has an error and wont extract the files. im sick of trying to find wii roms online. the only place ive found a working one was here (pandoras tower) and I waited 6 hours and dolphin struggles to emulate it. Every other site is a .torrent or .exe file or malicious adware etc. I managed to find a working copy of xenoblade chronicles on (thank god). But yeah im tired of this nonsense