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Re: What's the odds of us getting Sega and PSP?

Posted by communist on .
if you go to advanced search and go to systems theres a psp option but it has no games

""how do i get ps4 controllers working with *insert emmulator here*"

In reply to: What's the odds of us getting Sega and PSP? posted by ClassicSD on .

I was wondering what the odds of us being able to get sega systems and the PSP available here. From what I gathered from the FAQ it seemed the only thing that is not to be here is games and systems still in production. All Sega consoles have not been in production for a long time now, kinda surprised that there was none listed here when I checked it out.

The PSP I can see taking a little longer as I am not sure if it is still in production in Asia. But the PSP is another titles I would love to see be reflected here as it has been out of production in NA for quite a while and there are several titles that are fantastic which are only on the PSP.