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Re: Does DOOM ever work?

Posted by CARNAGE DADDY on .
Same thing with Final Doom.
Not lookin too promising...

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Hey dudes,
Hope everybody's doin alright. Been kinda lurkin around in the background for a wee while, and finally figured its time I should probably register, say hi, ask some junk.
But yeah...
Been cruising rom sites like crazy, lookin' for a ps1 version of DOOM that actually works, and I'm not havin a whole lotta luck.
I'm probably just doing something wrong, or maybe it just wont work on the ClassicBoy emulator. I dunno. I've tried 6 or 7 different files all varying in size from 150mb to 500mb, tried changing up the bios, different emulators... Zilch.
If it doesn't give me some "file format error" BS it'll get jammed up on the first lil green loading bar and thats it.
I mean, c'mon... Its DOOM. Yeah sure, its been f÷;×*ed with for years, probably the best way to get some kinda virus on your pc or phone too.... But for f#,÷€ sakes, there's GOTTA be a rom out there that works right? Anybody have any ideas? I'ed appriciate any kind of info to point a guy in the right direction.
Thanks dudes.
Rock on

Re: Does DOOM ever work?
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Re: Does DOOM ever work?
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