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Re: Does DOOM ever work?

Posted by CARNAGE DADDY on .
Uh... On a phone myself. Lg g6. Don't own a computer actually. Tried ClassicBoy, Retroarch, a few other ones I can't really remember the name of, cuz I just deleted them right away.
I know that's not really any help for "specs" or anything.

I noticed in the file though, there's like...
"Track 1.bin"
"Track 2.bin"
Yadda yadda.

Track 1 loads up in the emulator and runs through the start credits and junk, up untill the "loading" bar and freezes there...the rest of the "track #" files just give me a "file format error" popup.

I dunno...
I don't wanna waste anybody's time or nothin though. Don't think there a whole hell of a lot I can do if I'm not on pc anyways.
Appriciate the help though

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What are your PC specs?

Did you check compatibility lists for your chosen emulator to see if there are any workarounds?