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Re: Wrong Format Type Downloading

Posted by DerpySnake on .
What ROMs are you downloading where you get this?

"NintenDON'T sue me please haha"

In reply to: Wrong Format Type Downloading posted by pissedperson on .
OK, so I've been downloading ROMs to use for my softmodded Wii, and so I need the .wbfs format. First of all, the stupid "wait to finish your download" page keeps popping up when I hit download, despite the fact I am downloading absolutely nothing. Second, when I finally do get it to actually download, it has consistently been downloading the .nkit.iso file format, which only works for the Dolphin emulator, despite me making explicitly sure I selected the .wbfs option under format option on the game download page. If anyone even replies to these anymore, please fix this. I can't even use the games I download anymore now.