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Re: Can't download Wii games

Posted by Tidrissi on .
Hi there,
Tanks to accept to registre in your site I like it, but
I have a big problem when I want to download any Games (Wii).. that see me this msg below ??? I hope to help me on that pls
Thanks again....
Please wait for your download to finish before starting another.

Seeing this by mistake? Here are some possible reasons.

Your computer is making multiple connections.
Some download managers, browser plugins, or VPNs may do this.
Your computer did not close a connection properly.
Please wait a minute or two for the old connection to time out.

In reply to: Can't download Wii games posted by Jabreo on .
Just earlier today (2/15/2020) at like around 1pm i was able to download fire emblem radiant dawn, but after that finished i tried downloaded xenoblade but it just kept taking a while and ended up sending to a page that said i need to wait for whatevers currently downloading to finish, i tried another game and it started downloading but i cancelled bc i didn't want to wait 2 hours. Just now i tried again but now none of the games are downloading and it says this page can't be reached. Anyone know whats up?