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Re: DS, Gameboy Color, And Gameboy Advance Manuels

Posted by CheTaPace on .
I completely forgot I found Pokemon manuels too, so here they are:

In reply to: DS, Gameboy Color, And Gameboy Advance Manuels posted by CheTaPace on .
Hey, I would like to show you some manuels. I am Chase, a kid who put Minecraft on a school computer, and emulated almost every Nintendo console in existence. Recently, I found a lot of manuels in my brother's room. Mostly DS, But I also got a few Gameboy Advance manuels And 2 Gameboy Color manuels, which can be found here(Covers only): I will be scanning all of them, or at least all of the DS and gameboy color manuels. I would like to know when the manuel uploader will be finished so I can add them to the library of manuels. Thank you for reading this message, and hope to hear back a soon as possible. Your welcome in advance, -Chase