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Re: Super Paper Mario (fixed)

Posted by TinMan1325 on .
I assume you downloaded the .nkit.iso
There is an issue with NKit and a handful of games, this happens to be one of them

You have to use NKit + Wii partitions to convert it back to a regular .iso

In reply to: Super Paper Mario (fixed) posted by SaintOfPride201 on .
The version of SPM I have downloaded from this site is broken. It freezes and stays on a black screen with a ringing in the background as soon as you select a save file to load. I checked the file with the verification tab and received a high severity result which said "Some padding data that should be zero is not zero. This can make the game freeze at certain points."

Is it possible to get a fixed version of the game uploaded onto here?

Re: Super Paper Mario (fixed)
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