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I bought Shingen the Ruler (NES) for $2 at a secondhand store in the late 1990s, no instruction book. First-time players should expect to spend most of the game scrolling through numbers and moving troops across large battlefields at about 5 squares per round. My initial attempts ended in punishing defeat after a small number of turns. I remember thinking, "I must be the only person in the world playing this game right now." But in spite of the slow pace, I began to have fun playing Shingen and eventually developed a workable strategy that took me to victory. Having no instructions added an extra layer of difficulty to an already challenging game. Good times.


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Hey, not so fast there. It says beaten, meaning instruction manual only: no tips, no walkthroughs, and definitely no cheats. Bonus points for not using the instructions. Make a titles-only list if that's your bent, add some detail if you like. You don't get much out in the real world for bringing down a video game; why not take a bow here where it does count, on the only board that really matters.

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