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Re: Games That You've Beaten

Posted by Tricob on .
I did beat Mega Man 2-6 through FCE Ultra. While I did beat other games, it was all done through Saved States.

I do have SMB3 now (just got it yesterday), so I'll probably be able to increase the list by one in the future. :-)

As for the Atari 2600 list, "River Raid" is sort of beatable; some versions actually have an ending sequence, and it's launched when your score goes above 1,000,000 points. On many versions though, when you reach the million-points mark, you just die instantaneously instead.

- Tricob.

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>> I've played many games in the past, but there's so few that I actually own

That might just be an aside, but to be clear, for the purposes of this thread you don't need to own the games; you only have to pwn them.

Of the titles that you listed, I've beaten Jaws and Super Mario Bros. 1 & 2 (all NES). I might expand on those in future posts if the mood strikes.

My first console was an Atari VCS. A lot of those games didn't have proper endings, but I can think of a few that did...

Re: Games That You've Beaten
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