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Posted by johnross on .
It's almost like you're treating the past of video games like a religion, that you should pay it due respects.

Super Mario Bros. 3 doesn't give a shit if you never play it again.

Metroid 1 wouldn't care if your foot got ran over by a bus this morning.

Bad Dudes doesn't give one crap if you play it, don't play it, own it, step on it, trade it for a bump of crank, melt it down to make your mother a sex toy, or eat it

"o i c wat u did thar"

In reply to: Missing the "good ol' days" posted by JshThmsRnwtr on .
It's amazing how far we have come with our technology and technological needs, so far to the point we barely even have time for using "pen & paper" anymore.

It seems almost as if people have given all hope on our past (except for us here of course and a few others lurking about), rejecting it and always pursuing the more "advanced" future.

Although, I do have to be fair... I admit that today's newer games are really "amazing" in their own way; but no matter how much I enjoy games like:

-Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
-Modern Warfare 3
-Resident Evil 6
-Pokemon: Black & White

Plus many other games that I actually haven't played yet (I have only played maybe 4 games of today's generation, but I have managed to see others play these games).

With all due respect, and I know this seems a bit "harsh" as well as "narrow-minded"; but if it wasn't for our past, today's modern gaming wouldn't even exist.

In my utmost humble opinion, I believe it is only fair to pay our respects and give a few plays in return to our past on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

How about the rest of you...? Which is better in your opinion, or are they "technically" equal?

[Whether or not you agree that the retro generation is better than the modern generation doesn't matter, I still firmly believe that both generations should be experienced and respected nonetheless]

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