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Posted by Tricob on .
If there's one reason I prefer the older days, it's mainly because you didn't have to deal with today's controllers, which have buttons just about everywhere. Even more than three action buttons is a bit much for me. Now we've got six action buttons, then two on the top corners of the control pad, then the Start button, then the Select button, and then an extra joypad on top of that. We're human beings, not octopuses. We only have two hands. Why are there so many blasted buttons?!

And frankly, I'd really like to see some sort of perspective besides the First-Person Shooter viewpoint. If we're going to use 3D hardware, I think Thunderblade, Adventures Of Batman And Robin (Sega Genesis), and Red Zone (Sega Genesis) are more the approach we need to go for. It's much less restrictive in the gameplay department. And I would've loved to see a Mario game with the "Adventures Of Batman And Robin" perspective.

- Tricob.

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In reply to: Missing the "good ol' days" posted by JshThmsRnwtr on .
It's amazing how far we have come with our technology and technological needs, so far to the point we barely even have time for using "pen & paper" anymore.

It seems almost as if people have given all hope on our past (except for us here of course and a few others lurking about), rejecting it and always pursuing the more "advanced" future.

Although, I do have to be fair... I admit that today's newer games are really "amazing" in their own way; but no matter how much I enjoy games like:

-Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
-Modern Warfare 3
-Resident Evil 6
-Pokemon: Black & White

Plus many other games that I actually haven't played yet (I have only played maybe 4 games of today's generation, but I have managed to see others play these games).

With all due respect, and I know this seems a bit "harsh" as well as "narrow-minded"; but if it wasn't for our past, today's modern gaming wouldn't even exist.

In my utmost humble opinion, I believe it is only fair to pay our respects and give a few plays in return to our past on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

How about the rest of you...? Which is better in your opinion, or are they "technically" equal?

[Whether or not you agree that the retro generation is better than the modern generation doesn't matter, I still firmly believe that both generations should be experienced and respected nonetheless]