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Posted by JshThmsRnwtr on .
Clearly you are missing the point JohnRoss, I don't blame you for misinterpreting what I posted.

What I was basically saying is this...

If it wasn't for our older games, today's modern generation wouldn't exist. So, with all due respect... those who play games at all should reflect and remember what started everything before assuming that their games are better (or worse).

""If I am able to play... then nothing else matters.""

In reply to: Re: Missing the posted by johnross on .
It's almost like you're treating the past of video games like a religion, that you should pay it due respects.

Super Mario Bros. 3 doesn't give a shit if you never play it again.

Metroid 1 wouldn't care if your foot got ran over by a bus this morning.

Bad Dudes doesn't give one crap if you play it, don't play it, own it, step on it, trade it for a bump of crank, melt it down to make your mother a sex toy, or eat it

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