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From what I gather, the Windows Add/Remove Programs menu usually just runs the program's own uninstaller.

Normally I use Revo Uninstaller (freeware version); in advanced mode it finds folders, files and registry entries that a program's own uninstaller leaves behind. The user decides if these items should be deleted, so that could cause problems for someone who's used to clicking through without reading carefully.

Increasingly I try to avoid installing programs, using portable software whenever possible. If I can't find or make a portable version, installing into a sandbox would be my next choice.

Lately I've been taking this approach to a new extreme; that tale will likely find its way into a future post.


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Even under best-case scenarios, mixing Windows's uninstaller and third party uninstallers is asking for trouble, whether or not the third-party uninstaller works perfectly. I personally just stick with the Windows uninstaller. But if the program itself provides an "Uninstall" option in its own Programs group, I always select that first.

Regarding the slowdown after uninstall, that's a simple matter of cleaning up the registry after the deed is done. I use Eusing Free Registry Cleaner for that.

- Tricob.

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