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Posted by Syntax on .
Clearly you missed johnross's point, Josh Thomas Rainwater. His point was when you say "with all due respect"... with all due respect to whom? The games? They don't give a shit. The creators? They're not making money off of old games anymore and besides they won't know if you play them.

His point is that your concept of paying respect to old games doesn't make much sense, and seems like a very personal ritual not unlike religious practices. People are entitled to play whatever games they want and it makes no difference whether they appreciate where they came from.

I drive a modern 280 HP sports sedan and enjoy it, are you saying I should pay respect to its humble origins by finding a 1920s vintage Ford Model T and driving it around town?

In reply to: Re: Missing the posted by JshThmsRnwtr on .
Clearly you are missing the point JohnRoss, I don't blame you for misinterpreting what I posted.

What I was basically saying is this...

If it wasn't for our older games, today's modern generation wouldn't exist. So, with all due respect... those who play games at all should reflect and remember what started everything before assuming that their games are better (or worse).