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Re: Satan's Hollow

Posted by Tricob on .
Huh. This appears to be from the author of the TRON arcade game.

Thanks for posting this. This game appears to have inspired the Tandy Color Computer game "Devil Assault". I thought Devil Assault seemed very similar in style to something else I'd seen, but never figured out what.


Devil Assault also "borrows" elements from Demon Attack.

- Tricob.

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In reply to: Re: Most underrated arcade games? posted by Tarbolde on .
I've been cooking up an arcade-centric topic myself; maybe I'll expedite that since the subject has been raised.

I'd often pass on Asteroids Deluxe in favor of a game where I could last more than a minute or so. But it's crazy-intense fun trying to survive once the initial asteroids are broken apart and fragments are flying everywhere. I barely recall something about the sound being strange; it'd get louder and then act flaky, maybe during the UFO attacks.

Satan's Hollow is a game that seems to get less recognition. Surprising that it was released to begin with, given some of the hysteria over the occult-themed music of the time. Having to build the bridge adds a lot of challenge to the common scenario of fending off waves of attackers. After a couple of rounds the cloud of gargoyles swarming overhead increases to an imposing size and the going gets much tougher. A game as merciless as its namesake.


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Re: Devil Assault Tarbolde --
Will do. ;-) -nt- Tricob --