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I'm out

Posted by Dhaos on .
As much as I liked Windows XP, I needed a new PC so I got a new one with Windows 8 already installed. So I am out of the contest before I even threw my hat into the ring. I got my new PC today and so far Windows 8 is not so bad.

In reply to: The Contest posted by Tarbolde on .
This is to be a high-stakes, high-tech game of chicken that will be played out in real time over The Internet. The only requirement is that you must still be running Windows XP online as your primary Operating System. To play, just go about your business as usual. It's as simple as that.

Get in the game! Make a post now to secure your spot as a participant. Post back when you're ready to concede defeat and stop using Windows XP online. Who will be the last one standing?

As the first entrant, you can count me in on this contest as of right... now.

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