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Re: Deus Ex Machina

Posted by Tarbolde on .
That was a scam and/or malware. The key doesn't exist on the disc.

I bought an AGP card several years ago, and nearly told the tale here on a few occasions. Maybe I'll get to that yet.

In reply to: Re: Deus Ex Machina posted by Tricob on .
At least once, I've run across programs that will find the validation code of a Windows XP disc for you. All you need to do is have the CD, and then run the program. It will then tell you what the code is.

I've also got two AGP graphics cards sitting around, assuming your replacement PC supports them. They might warrant your interest if you intend to improve the machine's graphical performance. AGP isn't supported by the more modern machine I have right now, so they're basically up-for-grabs if I can actually manage to get them mailed out. :-)

- Tricob.