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Re: Orb of Calamity

Posted by Tricob on .
I haven't worked on it for quite a long time, actually; some years back, I took the two maps of the game and slapped them onto a map collection by various users.


What ideas remain unused will probably make it in a scrolling top-down action game; its perspective would be similar to Stage One of the arcade game Thunderblade.

Of the projects I've set up that have not abandoned FPS gameplay, the one most likely to see the light of day is a horror game with B&W walls and sprites, blue water, and red blood. I'm still very fond of the game's theme and ideas, and I have high hopes that I'll get more done on it in the future. The horror elements won't be light; I don't recommend it to people with a heart condition. :-)

- Tricob.

"Glass Tiger for life! "

In reply to: Re: Orb of Calamity posted by Syntax on .
Hey Tricob, I hope you read between the lines and are merely playing along. A subtle and friendly jab at how long you've been working on that project (if, indeed, you're still working on it?)

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