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Re: Glass Tiger news

Posted by Tricob on .
Thanks for the link, PB; I hadn't seen this news posted anywhere ... though I admit I skip Yahoo! news feeds and such usually. I typically go to AOL for news posts. No mention of it anywhere on those pages. I do wish Alan all the best and hope he makes a full recovery. :-)

Haven't been programming much or doing any NES stuff lately. Instead, I've been into this reincarnation thing - It helps me track down the sources of my unexplained fears and rids me of my traumas. Sometimes it works well enough on paper, too - I've written two stories of my past lives and have a chapter's-worth of two others. And it seems that in every single life, I died under different circumstances. I have at least two past lives where I don't know yet how I died; one was in the year 1900, and the other was some time in the Middle Ages.

- Tricob.

"Glass Tiger for life! "

In reply to: I sure hope Tricob is handling this news well. posted by pepsibeth on .
It'll be okay, you'll see, just stay strong! :P


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