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Posted by Tricob on .
Ah, let's see -

1973 - My parents said it was too dangerous to visit the swamp. I sneaked out the back and went there anyway ... and drowned.
1963 - Some bizarre factory incident where this former employee busted in, shooting away at everything, and the very first bullet that was fired shot me in the head.
1934 - I was a woman married to an abusive husband, and he killed me with his bare hands.
1912 - In one of the final years of the wild west, I was overeager to be a cowboy like all of my idols were ... but I was only 11 years old. I didn't let that stop me, so I led an expedition, went on a journey through a desert without proper supplies, and died of hear stroke.
1900 - I was five years old (or 5 1/2?). I was in London with my parents, and they were Russian spies. Some guys in trench coats showed up, and they beat all us, trying to get information from us. Knowing I was a legitimate witness, the attackers locked me in a crate and threw me in the sea.

The list goes on.

- Tricob.

"Glass Tiger for life! "

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"And it seems that in every single life, I died under different circumstances."

Isn't that how lives normally end?

Kidding aside, I'm intrigued. Can you explain how it works?

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*heat* stroke. -nt- Tricob --