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The Anti-Antivirus Challenge

Posted by Tarbolde on .
This Warn You!

The first thing that any computer security tutorial will tell you is
"Have a good antivirus installed and keep it updated."

It's time for another high-stakes, high-tech game of chicken, unfolding once again in real time over these here Internets. I might be the sole participant in this event, but if anyone else is hardy and/or foolhardy enough to play along, then the standard disclaimer applies: you accept full responsibility for any ill that might befall your computer and ancillary data.

Contest Requirements: You must be running Windows (any version) online as your primary operating system with no antivirus software installed. Post a reply to this thread announcing your intention to compete and what OS you're on, then go about your business as usual. It couldn't be any easier! But when you're ready to return to your antivirus-installing ways, remember to post here again to admit defeat.

^ At risk... for real.

I've been rolling this way for a while, but for the purposes of this challenge it's Day #1, and you can count me in as of right... now.