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Re: Games That You've Beaten

Posted by dread_hyena on .
I beat Clock Tower on the Playstation. Freaking ridiculously hard. I don't recall the ending I achieved, I just remember the magic words that you had to speak: En, Ha, E, Shi. or some such nonsense. We used to laugh cause it sounded like the last word was shit and the programmers edited it like they used to edit naughty language on network television when they would play movies on a Saturday afternoon. Ah, nostalgia.

"Keep your filthy sanity off of me!!!"

In reply to: Re: Games That You've Beaten posted by Tricob on .
Now that I think about it, I did beat the SNES english translation of "Clock Tower". I still haven't managed to get two endings on the list, though (There's over half a dozen possible endings). Numerous endings are "bad" endings, and most are fairly scary. You have no idea how shocked I was when I went into an elevator, ready to see an alternate ending. I then heard the Scissorman attack me off-screen, my character screamed, and then blood poured out from beneath the elevator doors. :-O

- Tricob.