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Re: missing PS2 light gun games

Posted by DerpySnake on .
Considering they're light gun games, they most likely wouldn't work on your current tv/monitor. Light guns relied on older tvs iirc.

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In reply to: missing PS2 light gun games posted by zebra on .
The site seems to be missing most of the PS2's light gun games. I know that some were only released in Japan but I can't see why that should matter...

I'm looking for both Virtua Cop games. Gunvari collection, Space gun, Death Crimson, Gunfighter 2, Cocoto Majic Circus, Police 24/7, who shot Johnny Rock, Cocoto funfair and any other light gun games.

Also, the Ninja Assault and Time Crisis 2 files on this site do not work. It just says "no UDF descriptor" when you try to patch them.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 will patch but it won't work. I downloaded it twice and burned it to disc twice to make sure.

Other than the missing games, great site. Thank You!

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