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Re: Original Xbox Game ISO's and Emulator Links?

Posted by Null720 on .
So the problem with this is that Xbox emulators hardly run,are almost all discontinued and there are very few exclusive roms to find for the Xbox. sadly the Xbox is neigh unemulatable

In reply to: Original Xbox Game ISO's and Emulator Links? posted by Sithy on .
I'm a total noob at all this stuff, I just found this site through a Reddit post that you/the owner made. :) And so far I'm totally satisfied, other than missing the Original Xbox, I'm not really hyped for anything newer, but to me it is one of the classic systems (before the downfall of a good story). Has a lot of very big name games that are still played, ie; Halo, Fable and at one time BioShock, as well as a few smaller games that not many people have heard of; Sudeki and Dungeons & Dragons Heroes. <3