The Manual Project


Thanks for your interest in The Manual Project! Contributing a manual is fully automated and your manual will be viewable the instant you upload it. If you'd like to contribute, please read the following instructions to ensure your manual's processed smoothly.
  1. Register an account.
    This lets you upload a manual or update a previous contribution, as well as post on the Message Boards.
  2. Scan your manual.
    Pages should be scanned using at least 150dpi and 300dpi is preferred.
    Scans should be saved in .png format but .jpg is also accepted.
  3. Zip your images.
    To get the order right your images must end with a dash and the image number, starting with zero or one. For example...

  4. Upload your manual.
    Simply fill out a short form to upload your zip or pdf file to Vimm's Lair. If there are any problems you will receive an error message with instructions for fixing it. Once finished your manual can be viewed in The Manual Project!