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System Title Contributor Author Date Resolution
SNES E.V.O.: Search for Eden    
SNES Earth Defense Force    
SNES EarthBound    
SNES EarthBound Random Name Nintendo 5/25/19 ?
SNES Earthworm Jim    
SNES Earthworm Jim 2 canman7 canman7 10/07/05 150
SNES Eek! The Cat    
SNES Elite Soccer    
SNES Emmitt Smith Football    
SNES Equinox Chris Sims Vimm 1/19/02 95
SNES ESPN Baseball Tonight    
SNES ESPN National Hockey Night    
SNES ESPN Speedworld    
SNES ESPN Sunday Night NFL    
SNES Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally    
SNES Extra Innings    

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