The Manual Project
System Title Contributor Author Date Resolution
SNES F-Zero Timothy Vimm 7/01/00 95
SNES F1 Pole Position    
SNES F1 ROC: Race of Champions    
SNES F1-ROC II: Race of Champions    
SNES Faceball 2000    
SNES Family Dog    
SNES Family Feud    
SNES Fatal Fury    
SNES Fatal Fury 2    
SNES Fatal Fury Special    
SNES FIFA International Soccer antster_2000 Vimm 6/15/01 95
SNES FIFA Soccer 96    
SNES FIFA Soccer 97    
SNES Fighter's History    
SNES Final Fantasy II Vimm Vimm 7/01/00 95
SNES Final Fantasy III Vimm Vimm 7/01/00 95
SNES Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Agent X Vimm 7/01/01 95
SNES Final Fight arjuna_pa Vimm 7/30/00 95
SNES Final Fight 2 Elnauron Elnauron 9/20/10 150
SNES Final Fight 3    
SNES Final Fight 3 ghs70 ghs70 7/27/14 300
SNES Final Fight Guy    
SNES Firepower 2000    
SNES FireStriker    
SNES First Samurai    
SNES Flashback: The Quest for Identity usxlover replacementdocs 7/14/10 ?
SNES Flintstones, The    
SNES Flintstones, The: The Treasure of Sierra Madrock    
SNES Football Fury    
SNES Foreman for Real    
SNES Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball    
SNES Frantic Flea    
SNES Frogger    
SNES Fun 'n Games    

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