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Super Nintendo
Kirby's Dream Course

Players 2
Year 1995
Cart size 8 Mbit
File size 597 KB
Serial #SNS-CG-USA

Overall9.35  (81 votes)  

Kirby's Dream Course (USA).sfc
CRC DF8153D9
Verified 2019-05-16

597 KB597 KB

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Official Game Genie Codes
D0A9-4F6DStart with 5 lives
D1A9-4F6DStart with 7 lives
D6A9-4F6DStart with 9 lives
DFAD-1F0DStart with 1 strawberry
D4AD-1F0DStart with 2 strawberries
D7AD-1F0DStart with 3 strawberries
82CF-4D6EInfinite strawberries
82CD-4D0EDon't ever gain any straberries
82E2-4DD4Don't lose a life from falling out of bounds