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Super Nintendo
Mortal Kombat II

Players 2 Simultaneous
Year 1994
Cart size 24 Mbit
File size 2.53 MB
Serial #SNS-28-USA

Overall8.26  (70 votes)  

Mortal Kombat II (USA) (Rev 1).sfc
CRC 70BB5513
Verified 2019-04-07

(2.53 MB)(2.53 MB)

Official Game Genie Codes
C2C4-47AAInfinite continues
DF8C-CDDAStart with 0 continues
D78C-CDDAStart with 2 continues
D58C-CDDAStart with 6 continues
DB8C-CDDAStart with 8 continues
C2B1-14F7Player 1 is invincible
DDB5-1FF7Player 2 or computer is killed by one hit
C2B5-14F7Player 2 or computer is invincible
DDB1-1FF7Player 1 is killed by one hit
622B-C7ACDisable throws--2-player mode
6DC7-1DAAInfinite time
06E1-17D4Mileena's Sai Throw does massive damage
06E9-1DD7Liu Kang's High Fireball does massive damage
06E2-1767Kung Lao's Hat Throw does massive damage
06EF-4767Cage's Shadow Kick does massive damage
06EB-17AFReptile's Force Ball does massive damage
06E0-4FA4Shang Tsung's Flaming Skull attack does massive damage
06E9-17A4Kitana's Fan Throw does massive damage
06EE-C4A4Baraka's Blade Spark does massive damage
06E4-34DFRayden's Lightning Bolt does massive damage
For the rest of the codes, 1-player only, can't see the ending
CBC6-3D6E + DDC6-3DAEAlways fight Kung Lao
CBC6-3D6E + DFC6-3DAEAlways fight Liu Kang
CBC6-3D6E + D4C6-3DAEAlways fight Cage
CBC6-3D6E + D7C6-3DAEAlways fight Baraka
CBC6-3D6E + D0C6-3DAEAlways fight Kitana
CBC6-3D6E + D9C6-3DAEAlways fight Mileena
CBC6-3D6E + D1C6-3DAEAlways fight Shang Tsung
CBC6-3D6E + D5C6-3DAEAlways fight Rayden
CBC6-3D6E + D6C6-3DAEAlways fight Sub-Zero
CBC6-3D6E + DBC6-3DAEAlways fight Reptile
CBC6-3D6E + DCC6-3DAEAlways fight Scorpion
CBC6-3D6E + D8C6-3DAEAlways fight Jax
CBC6-3D6E + DAC6-3DAEAlways fight Kintaro
CBC6-3D6E + D2C6-3DAEAlways fight Shao Kahn
CBC6-3D6E + D3C6-3DAEAlways fight Smoke
CBC6-3D6E + DEC6-3DAEAlways fight Noob Saibot
CBC6-3D6E + FDC6-3DAEAlways fight Jade