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Ms. Pac-Man

Players 2
Year 1993
Cart size 40 KB
File size 18 KB
Serial #NES-M9-USA

Overall9.69  (88 votes)  

Ms. Pac-Man (USA) (Namco).nes
CRC B6D2D300
Verified 2019-08-13

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18 KB

Official Game Genie Codes
AEUAYTZA1 life for players 1 and 2
IEUAYTZA6 lives for players 1 and 2
AEUAYTZE9 lives for players 1 and 2
KEUEZVSE1 life for player 2 in 2-player cooperative and competitive games
SXNETZVGInfinite lives for players 1 and 2 in alternating type games
SZEALUVKInfinite lives for player 2 only, in other type games
XVONINZKSuper fast turbo speed!
AAUEZTZAPinky out of game
AASEZTZASue out of game