NES The Vault
TitlePlayersYearPublisherCart Size
Abadox: The Deadly Inner War11989Milton Bradley2566.3
Action 52  U21991Active Enterprises20487.1
AD&D: Dragon Strike21992Pony Canyon5126.3
AD&D: Dragons of Flame  T120032566.1
AD&D: Heroes of the Lance11990Pony Canyon2564.9
AD&D: Hillsfar11992FCI, Inc.2564.3
AD&D: Pool of Radiance11991FCI, Inc.6407.3
Addams Family, The  Read the manual11991Ocean2567.1
Addams Family, The: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt11992Ocean2566.2
Adventure Island  Read the manual11987Hudson Soft649.6
Adventure Island 4  T119983849.7
Adventure Island II11990Hudson Soft2569.7
Adventure Island III  Read the manual11992Hudson Soft2569.7
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom119902567.7
Adventures of Bayou Billy, The  Read the manual11989Konami2566.0
Adventures of Captain Comic, The  U  Read the manual11989Color Dreams1282.2
Adventures of Dino Riki11989Hudson Soft647.1
Adventures of Lolo 2, The  Read the manual11989Hal649.7
Adventures of Lolo 3, The  Read the manual11991Hal2569.7
Adventures of Lolo, The  Read the manual11989HAL Labs649.7
Adventures of Musashi, The  T120002566.1
Adventures of Rad Gravity, The11990Activision2565.0
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The11992THQ2565.6
Adventures of Tom Sawyer  Read the manual21989Seta Corporation2562.5
Adventures of Valecule, The  T12001642.8
After Burner  U11989Tengen3846.9
Air Fortress  Read the manual11989Hal2566.8
Air Wolf  Read the manual11988Acclaim2564.9
Airwolf  T120032566.1
Akumajyou Densetsu  T120033848.8
Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing11988Data East2569.7
Alfred Chicken11993Mindscape Inc.1285.8
Alien 311993LJN Ltd.2565.4
Alien Syndrome  U21989Tengen2566.0
All-Pro Basketball21989Vic Tokai2567.0
Alpha Mission  Read the manual11987SNK645.4
Altered Beast  T1200525610.0
Amagon  Read the manual11989Sammy Studios1285.2
American Dream  T120072567.0
American Gladiators21991GameTek2567.2
Antarctic Adventure  T120052410.0
Anticipation  Read the manual41988Nintendo646.9
Arch-Rivals  Read the manual21989Acclaim1289.7
Archon: The Light and the Dark  Read the manual21989Activision1285.6
Arkanoid  Read the manual21987Taito Corporation489.8
Arkista's Ring  Read the manual11989American Sammy647.1
Armadillo  T220071949.0
Armed Dragon Fantasy: Villgust  T119983848.2
Astro Fang: Super Machine  T120012564.8
Astyanax  Read the manual11990Jaleco Entertainment2567.0
Athletic World11987Bandai644.3
Attack Animal Academy  T120031284.4
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes11991THQ2563.6